Beast Pinger the tool bringing restocks directly to your inbox

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The tool everyone's talking about

Beast Pinger the tool bringing restocks directly to your inbox

What Is Beast Pinger?

Im Glad you asked, Beast Pinger is one of the many tools our members can utilise to help them secure the latest sneakers, this tool, used in conjunction with our lightning fast monitors, send's you personlised Direct Messages through the keywords you add on the portal

For Example, if you want to recieve notifications for Dunks, once set up on Beast Pinger, you will recieve a message as soon as a dunk restocks across the websites we monitor, Groovy Right?

Why Is This Important?

To put it simply, when monitoring websites, it can become quite troublesome to keep track of one sneaker across so many websites & with some sites dropping other products at the same time, the time it takes to find the ping may be the diffrence between Success & Failure

⁠What If I Need Help?

Not to worry little lad, with so much information at your finger tips it can sometimes become overwhelming, We provide detailed guides with all our tools & thats not just it, our dedicated staff work around the clock to provide you with the highest level of support, if you ever have any issues you can open a support ticket anytime through the discord, think of it like an online live chat

Beast Pinger is just one of our many tools utilised by members, So what are you waiting for? Join our team today & find out how CookBeast Members always cook the latest releases, secure your membership today.


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